The Finale Of Dew Gamers Arena Was Everything The Crowd Had Expected And We Can’t Stop Talking About It!

The finale of the Dew Gaming Arena brought to us by Mountain Dew and ESL on December 9, bringing together E-sport Dew gamers from across the nation on one platform to fight it off!

As the biggest and most happening event of the year began, so did it raise volumes throughout Lahore, at Expo Centre!

Calling in gamers of CS:GO& DOTA 2, the qualifying teams witnessed the toughest competition against each other as they reached the final round, live at the event! The final moments of the event swept the spectators off their feet as they came about a competitive round. The teams fought boldly and fearlessly to get their hands on the trophy and win a prize pool worth Rs. 1 Million.

The crowd went wild and higher in roars as the players played off at the peak of their concentration. It was definitely a fantastic and much deserved win!

Portal E Sports was crowned for both titles, as champions for CS:GO and Dota II. PepsiCo’s Marketing Director Salman Butt rewarded the team with a cash prize of Rs. 1 Million along with the trophies.

Thus, history was made as Pakistan came to witness e-gaming which itself was a cause of great celebration for the people across the nation!

Celebrating this one-of-a-kind e-gamers arena, big names of the industry and iconic celebrities like Feroz Khan, Iqra Aziz, UzairJawal, MahenurHaider, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Cybil Chaudhry were spotted at the event showing their enthusiasm for gaming and congratulating the teams.

Not only this, but the crowd itself enjoyed the night with lively activities happening across the arena like console gaming, VR and mobile gaming so that no one was left behind, participating in all the thrill and exciting experience….not forgetting the mouth-watering food court!

But that was not all! Everyone’s favourite and the evergreen band – Strings took over the crowd with their groundbreaking performance, raising every heartbeat on the floor.