Irrfan Khan’s spokesperson dismisses rumours about his deteriorating health

Irrfan is not suffering from cancer. He is suffering from a rare tumor and not all tumors are ‘cancerous’. Doctors are treating him well and he’s not at risk.

Here’s a full statement released by his official spokesperson. Not all things circulating on Internet should be blindly believed and shared.

Irrfan Khan‘s health has been a matter of concern for his fans as much as it is to his family and close friends. When the actor disclosed through the medium of Twitter that he is suffering from a rare disease, rumours started doing the rounds that he was suffering from Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Grade IV, a deadly brain cancer. However, the he clarified that it is Neuroendocrine tumour, following which he flew out of the country for the treatment.

Despite him requesting privacy, speculations about his health and the course of action continued surfacing. From undergoing surgery to Ayurvedic treatment, several reports were floating around. However, Irrfan’s spokesperson denied all such claims.

Once again, a news went viral of reports suggesting that Irrfan’s health is deteriorating following a tweet by an entertainment journalist.

In the same context, the actor’s spokesperson has issued a statement dismissing the reports.

The official statement reads, “This latest round of news being spread through social medial in the last few days about Irrfan’s health is absolutely false and there’s no truth to it whatsoever. We as his family and friends again request the members of the media to continue their support and the prayers that have come Irrfan’s way. However it’s not right to spread rumours through medium of social media without fact check or any official validation. In the meanwhile, once again we request everyone to refrain from picking up social media statuses as affirmative developments on someone’s health.”