Sohai Ali Abro’s new movie ‘Motor Cyle’ girl is making rounds on the internet as well

It’s not too difficult to make a good trailer. With all the technological tools at hand, it is very easy to oversell what a film has to offer.

Motorcyle Girl is inspired by 20-year-old Zenith Irfan, who is believed to be the first Pakistani woman to take a solo bike trip through the country’s north.

The two minute trailer starts with a rather disinterested Sohai being set up on a date for an arranged marriage with a guy played by Ali Kazmi.

However, she has just one thought in her mind: fulfilling her father’s dreams. More specifically, to fulfill her father’s wish to travel to Khondab (a city in Iran) on his motorcycle.

Writer and director by Adnan Sarwar, who also gave us Shah,  looks to have made another biopic which not only captures the euphoria of an underdog winning against all odds but also puts up a mirror to the society. Not to ignore the brilliant direction and cinematography the film offers. What more can one ask for?