Pakistan’s first transgender newscaster appears on television

A local news channel has hired a transgender anchorperson in Pakistan. This would be the first run through something like this has occurred in the nation.

Shiraz Hassan, a senior Pakistani writer who is related with BBC news took to his twitter to break the news.

“Pakistan’s first news caster on screen now – Maavia Malik”: composed Shiraz alongside Maavia’s photo.


However Shiraz hasn’t given any further subtle elements up ’til now.

The upper place of Parliment (Senate) as of late affirmed a bill for security and strengthening for transgender group. By estimation of Trans Action Pakistan, the quantity of transgender individual is atleast 500,000 (evaluate) out of 190 million individuals in the nation.

Up until now, Twitter has had a positive reaction to the news.




Even people from across the border really appreciated this: