Feroze Khan is getting married and all our Desi girls can’t handle it!

Our famous and cutest actor Feroze khan has finally decided to get married but wait, is it Sajal? Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not our Sajal but someone else. Everyone is curious to know who she is and from where did she come from out of the blue?
This news had already broke so many hearts of our desi girls.

He has posted about his marriage on his Instagram, Oh we got the card too right here :’)

Well through digging into this we get to know that the girl does not belong to the media industry nor did they know each other before.
Not any relative, no friend, no behn ki best friend, no chachay ki beti, It’s purely ARRANGED MARRIAGE. At least this is what Humaima and Feroze are saying for now.
According to them the valima is going to take place on 3rd April. We just can’t wait to see the Bride.
We wish you best of luck though!