Meet Rameesha Shahid, the first and only female kickboxing instructor in Pakistan.

Rameesha Shahid is the first female kickboxing trainer in Pakistan. Rameesha used to take Taekwondo classes when she was in school and while in university (in 2013), she decided to take up kickboxing as a profession. She got an intensive training for two years under the supervision of Master Jamil Chandio, a multiple time national champion and also the CEO of K7 Academy in Karachi. She then joined the academy as a coach and since two years, she has been training girls in kickboxing there only.

For women looking to take up martial arts or kickboxing, Rameesha advises, “There is a whole process. First, we work on your fitness and strength because you need to have the power to retaliate. So, even if you know the move but you don’t have the strength to pull it off, it would be of no use.”

“At our gym where I train, there are two classes, kickboxing and gymnastics. Both of these sports are so different, yet, normally the boys are signed up for kickboxing and girls in gymnastics. There’s no rule with any particular sport that this is for girls and that is for boys. I encourage them to take both the classes. You never know which class they will enjoy more. It’s high time we stop these gender biases. There’s no point in assuming that a girl won’t have as much fun in kickboxing classes or boys won’t like gymnastics,” she adds.

It was one year of tough practice before she graduated as a master. Now since she is there and more and more people are learning about her, there are other girls too coming to the academy to learn and train in kickboxing.