Fahad Mustafa becomes the face of ‘Krone Xtreme Body Spray’

Fahad Mustafa recently bacame brand ambassador of Krone Xtreme Body Spray.

The Xtreme Series is intended for youth who are aggressive, enthusiastic and trendy. This is the reason why we believe that Fahad Mustafa is the right choice to be the face of this brand; he is young, energetic and has a huge number of followers. Xtreme arrangement has reclassified the customary Men’s body mind classification by presenting French perfumed body spray. It’s odour are honest to goodness and amicable. The scent that prompts the correct cerebrum action, which rules feelings, memory, and imagination, likewise support energy and enhances your drive to achieve, and expands protection from disappointment.

Krone has a about 8 different variants of Smarty pocket perfume — Bold, Oudh, Cool, Bakheer, Social, Sultanat, Asool, Almas adapts fragrances from varied natural extracts that are unique and characteristic only for those who opt for the best. The elegant fragrance are from France, which give long-term protection with the masculine charm to lead the world.

Check out the TVC below: