Major style trends for men in 2018

You may look at the boldly-dressed attendees of London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks, and scoff. It can border on the absurd at first scan. Look a little closer, however, and you’ll often find that the folk of the front row don’t dress a world away from the rest of us. but Don’t worry we are here to steer you stylishly away from amateur-photographer sneaker blogger instafluencer.

Neutral Gear.

A menu of neutrals sounds all sorts of bland but in practice, a creamy dish can be extremely palatable a fact proven by the banquet of magnolia outfits spotted this show season. Head-to-toe neutrals work when there are various tones at play. Wear camel, coffee and off-white in tandem as opposed to going one-note and looking like one of those blanket-covered sand raiders in Star Wars. The easiest way to pull off the trend is by picking two shades: use a lighter sweater or tee to break up a two-piece, or darker legwear to contrast with what’s up top.

 Check Mate.

As rapper Ice Cube once famously spoke (well, spat), “you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.” And, after seeing a slew of squared-off pieces at this season’s shows, that’s sage style advice for 2018. Although usually limited to the odd accessory, checks are being worn en masse in fully coordinated looks: shirts, scarves, coats, trousers, the lot. A brave move, sure, but also one that shows you can create volume and depth using classic pieces.

Good In The Hood

Despite large-scale protests from the snootier end of men’s style, tailoring and sportswear is here to stay. It’s a trend. It’s a thing. It’s never looked better. A hoodie and an overcoat, at odds on paper, are compatible thanks to the relaxation of dress codes at large: just as a structured coat can add polish to any outfit, sportswear can simmer down a look for a comfortable, high-low approach to smart-casual.The rule is to keep things muted. A neutral overcoat in camel, navy or grey will not only work with all the other pieces in your wardrobe (and nail the cost-per-wear ratio), but also offers the perfect foil to any heavy branding on your hoodie.