The #MeinBhi movement is in full swing

The latest edition of Lux Style Awards is inspired by the #MeToo campaign to express solidarity with women who have faced sexual harassment in some way or the other in their lives.

Taking inspiration from the
international movements launched at award functions, this year’s Lux Style Awards will be launching their own #MeToo movement under the name of #MeinBhi.

However, the main aim behind launching #MeinBhi means to empower the victims of sexual assault by saying ‘mein bhi aapke sath hoon’ or ‘I also stand by you’.

Frieha Altaf is joining this year’s awards only because of this movement and believes that this movement will allow Pakistani celebrities to voice their concern.

Zoe Vicajji Raechel and voices her views on educating men and women in support at the Lux Style Awards!

A lot of stars have comeout for the movement you will be seeing a lot of updates so keep following the official page of Runway Pakistan