‘I would love to work in Pakistan’ – Govinda

Govinda is a name that has become synonymous with entertainment and dance, whether you’re a Pakistani or an Indian, Govinda is unforgettable. Whether it’s his brilliant comical acting or his over the top and outrageous dance routines!

Embodying the classic swag, he has Govinda was recently asked in an interview if he would like to work in Pakistan to which he replied ‘I would love to.’

That does that mean we will see this powerhouse of talent and humailty on Pakistani screens? Well we would love to see him on Pakistani screens and collaborate with more Pakistani actors.

Previously we saw him in the film Kill Dill alongside Pakistani heartthrob Ali Zafar and Bollywood bigwig Ranveer Singh. Govinda essayed a negative role, a villainous role which was a departure from his regular cheery, heroic roles that he is more prone to have played.

Govinda also talked about the changes in cinema and the kind of film-making that happens in today’s world. “What I want people to give attention to is that the cinema that we used to watch had this connectivity with people. Now it has turned into a business that involves the personal likings of people who have money.”

In an inherently commercial and money making business, it has obviously all become about box-office and the numbers game. “Whoever has the cash can now say and communicate whatever they want. It seems as if they’re talking – and they won’t stop talking,” laughs Govinda.

“And if you try and ask them what their problem is and why they’re doing what they’re doing – they sort of stare back at you and think they’ll crush you. What I wish is that people can connect again to the cinema in ways that aren’t just based on what a few people with money like to show on the screens.”