Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie ‘Padman’ banned in Pakistan

Akshay Kumar’s Padman, which has got a green signal from as many as 50 countries, won’t be releasing in Pakistan. Members of the Punjab Film Censor Board denied watching the Bollywood film Padman to issue a clearance certificate to the film.

According to the members, taboo subject films will not be allowed screening in cinemas. Federal Censor Board also denied issuing an NOC to the film and announced a ban on Padman in all cinemas across the country. On the other hand, film distributors were also criticised by the local film producers on purchasing Indian films that are “ruining Islamic traditions, history and culture.”

A Pakistani film exhibitor revealed that, the film Padman has been denied a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) due to its taboo subject. “Padman was initially bought by Amjad Rashid of IMGC but after he was shown the trailer, he was adviced not to import the film. Later HKC bought it and applied for NOC which was denied.” When asked about their personal opinion, a senior executive from Pakistan said: “Well, you know how the mentality is in our Asian men towards periods and they don’t want to discuss this as it’s a taboo.”

On the other hand, distribution companies and film producers are also condemning groups who are buying such films. According to them, such behavior by these groups will be the reason that Pakistan might ban all Indian films once again. They also stated that Padman faced criticism in India due to the content as well so it does not make sense to talk about such subjects in Pakistan.

I am sure our Film industry can make better films, all they need to do is pay a little more attention on the topics that need to be highlighted rather than only focusing on comedy and romance. As far as Padman is concerned I stand by the fact that or culture doesn’t allow us to talk about such  topics openly specially in front of men and family members. We as women need to educate each other on such sensitive issues.