Hidden cameras found in Levi’s trial room

In Faisalabad, a customer found a hidden camera in the trial room, took photographs of it and whined about the issue. After leaving the trial room, the administration took the client’s phone and erased all the data. Other customers and citizens were extremely angry on such conduct and not enlisting the oversight after which the supervisor of Levis, Noman, was arrested.

The customer grumbled about the camera being covered up in the containers set inside the trial room, in which 2 openings were removed to put the camera focal point. At the point when police came to the store, the camera in the trial room was evacuated and police couldn’t get their hands on the camera or information.

The manager was arrested and he denied of having any involvement in the matter. He additionally said it could have been done by an employee or another person so far as that is concerned and clarified that he was totally unaware of the action going on.

Nationals of Faisalabad need Levis to investigate the issue and take restorative measures.

Check out the video here: