Tips To Look Like Your Favorite Celebrity

If you’re forever gazing at glossy magazines with envy, and wondering how on earth the stars manage to look so good, know that you too can lead a celebrity life. The first step toward becoming a celebrity is to dress like one. Next, you will need to take care of yourself, plan some fun events, and keep your reputation in check. So, put on your best shoes and get ready for a fun night out with friends!

Here are some useful tips to look like your favorite celebrity:

Read magazines and pick out stars whose looks resonate with you

Try not to focus so much on the physical features, but rather examine how they carry themselves and how they accessorize.

Enhance your makeup to accentuate your features

If you don’t usually wear makeup, now is the time to start. Try to get a foundation and concealer closest to your face tone. Upscale department stores and beauty workers in salons can help you and give you good advice on makeup that complements your features.

Play up your hair

Before you can start acting like a celeb, you need to do some primping! Try getting highlights in your hair, dying it, or simply getting it cut. Hair needs to be trimmed every six weeks or so to stay healthy.

Get pedicures and manicures periodically

They make your hands and feet feel so soft and will boost your confidence as well. You can do these at home, but if you want a treat, you can always head off to a salon! Most celebrities use a light coat of paint for their fingernails and a darker color for their toes.

Collect quality clothing

Work with what you already own first. Analyze your closet and donate anything that doesn’t fit your new celebrity lifestyle. Buy a few celebrity gossip magazines and check out what’s in vogue. What are your favorite celebs wearing? Your clothing does not have to be designer, it just has to fit your body well

Wear unique or statement accessories

Accessories really set outfits off and take a look to the next level. Be sure not to overdo it with accessories, however, as the most sophisticated looks often keep accessorizing to a minimum. Try one statement necklace and a few bangle bracelets.