Our Imran khan is the king for many people specially youth. His charming personality can impress anyone around the world. Just like other people Shahrukh Khan the king of India where thousands of people are his die heart fans is himself is a fan of our Imran khan. Impressive no? 😀

SRK recently revealed that he had a fan moment with legendary cricketer turned politician Imran Khan but it was not the way he wanted.

Upon asking from SRK in an interview about his any fan moments that he remembers, to which he spoke about his rather disappointing and little embarrassing encounter with his adored celebrity, Imran. The incident happened at the time of Imran’s reigning days in cricket while he was touring India for a match series.

SRK revealed that he went up to the star and asked him for an autograph outside a cricket stadium in Delhi but Imran Khan instead got angry because he was apparently already tensed about the match.
We were not expecting SRK revealing so but yeah Imran khan’s personality made him to <3.